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Nepal Art Council was founded as one of the country’s largest art venues in 1962 CE at the initiative of Nepal’s leading modern artist Lain Singh Bangdel as one of the country’s largest art venues. Kathmandu Triennale 2077 here invited those who speak more openly about fighting and surviving, about breaking boundaries of power in nations and families. They work from within indigenous knowledge that is active and subversive, struggling for the upending of patriarchal structures and dominant national frameworks and creating a new global solidarity of places and communities of resistance. Works from across continents and local perspectives of feminism, genders, and queering are being exhibited, placing Nepal on a different geography, beyond the regions that it is commonly considered in and the normativities that still dominate its public sphere. 


The sometimes silent, sometimes painful, and sometimes ominous waiting of millions of youth around the world, locked outside of the broken economic structures of today, points to Nepal’s status as a country of mass emigration. By showing the lived experiences of those in other contexts affected by dislocation, the exhibition opens up yet another possible definition of an internationale of solidarity with Nepal at its core. 


The works presented are also a portal to the within—to the microcosm of ourselves. A world of precarious realities built upon bodies and practices often made to be misunderstood and suppressed with violence. When speaking from a place of pain, how is it that reclamation and revolt manifest themselves? Laments and shrieks are not meant to be heard in silence, rather they are witnessed as a collective force.  From the periphery of what is deemed acceptable arise spells, chants, slogans, conjuring narratives that reverberate from the cellular to the stellar, from the corporeal to the imagined, from stagnation to revolutions. And in their wake leave a haunting performance for this (dis)ordered world of fabricated boundaries to offer a germ of liberation, that transcends this history of massacres. 


Below is the list of artists whose artworks were presented at Bahadur Shah Baithak.

Andrew Thomas Huang | Aqui Thami | Arhant Shrestha | Artree Nepal + Urmila Gamwa Tharu | Ashmina Ranjit | Aziz Hazara | Bári Raklóri (aka Emília Rigová) | Indu Tharu | Irina Giri + Sonam Choekyi Lama + Keepa Maskey | Joydeb Roaja | Karan Shrestha | Karnali Arts Centre | Komal Purbe | Madhumala Mandal | Mihaela Drăgan | Mircea Cantor | Mohamed Bourouissa | Nagendra Gurung | Olga Chernysheva | Pacita Abad | Pavel Mikushev | Pooja Gurung + Bibhusan Basnet | Pramila Giri | Pramila Lama | Pranika Koyu | Sawangwongse Yawnghwe | Shashi Bikram Shah | Shubha Kayastha + Deepti Silwal  | Subas TamangSubash Thebe Limbu | Sudhira Karna | Thảo Nguyên Phan | Zamthingla Ruivah


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