Andrew Thomas

Kiss of the Rabbit God
Single-channel video, 14'

Kiss of the Rabbit God, 2019
Single-channel video, 14'
Courtesy of the artist

This absorbing semi-autobiographic fantastical short film by Andrew Thomas Huang follows an ordinary Asian-American restaurant worker’s extraordinary sexual awakening.

The whole affair begins at a typical Californian Chinese joint, with nightly visits from the Rabbit God, who here arrives in the body of a tantalising mysterious stranger. It then blossoms into a tryst that empowers the young man to embark upon a painful yet liberating journey of self discovery.

The Qing dynasty myth of Tu’er Shen—the Rabbit God—traces the story of a Hokkien soldier who was executed for spying on his male lover. The ruler of the underworld decided that since the soldier’s crime was one of love, he would be ordained as Tu’er Shen, or the Rabbit God, the patron deity of gay love.


Supported by the United States Embassy in Nepal for KT2077

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