Events comprise all educational and public programming intended to encourage a more in-depth engagement with the Triennale themes, artists and artworks.

A robust education and public programme of events will accompany the Kathmandu Triennale exhibition. These will take place before, during and after the exhibition dates, enabling more diverse ways of learning, varied sensory interactions, and critical engagement with this edition's themes of interest and artists' works.

In line with this, the Nepal Art History Discussion Series, aimed at bringing awareness and understanding of the many art histories within Nepal that have informed the present art ecosystem, was initiated by KT in 2019. Artists and arts professionals are invited to discuss selected themes, often relating to a particular time period or areas of change, in a panel, sharing their experiences and stories with us. The series is presented at and in associated with Martin Chautari Institute.

Following the restrictions of the pandemic, a virtual programme, KT2077 Kurakani was intiated in 2020. This series focuses on artists and their careers, work and contributions to the many crucial and urgent dialogues of today as well as in the past. They are invited to share their approach, their motivations and the struggles they have faced along the way. The series shines a light on contemporary arts and the very real capabilities for change, connectedness and challenge it can pose, while also acknowledging the labour of artists in society.

KT's events programme is free of charge and open to all. 

Updates on upcoming events will be posted here in due time.

Kathmandu Triennale 2077 was made possible by the generous support of various Sponsors and Partners
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