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Kathmandu Triennale, Nepal’s foremost contemporary art event, aims to spur engagement and intercultural exchanges between artists and the wider community, and to leave a lasting impact on Nepal's cultural sector.

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Kathmandu Triennale, along with Organiser Siddhartha Arts Foundation, is dedicated to providing a critical experience of contemporary arts in Nepal that is considered, diverse, and socially aware, while leaving a lasting positive impact upon the cultural scene in the country and the wider region. For the 2077 iteration, the Triennale has expanded even further, with the ambition of bringing together the work of more than 100 artists and collaborators, from more than 40 nations, slated to be the largest contemporary arts event in Nepal to date. Join us and have a role in realising this crucial and much anticipated project, for Nepal and for the interconnected global art network. 

For this edition of the Triennale we are particularly interested in questioning and rethinking existing narratives in art history and contemporary thought, asking why and how the parameters of what is undertood in the mainstream as 'contemporary' and 'art' came to be. We pay express attention to indigenous voices and work, whose ancestral and generational knowledge has been marginalised to the fringes for far too long. The cultural practices and traditions of indigenous peoples across the world are actively brought into conversation by the Triennale, along with the many artists whose works speak to critical socio-political, cultural and ecological issues; where in diversity, we are stronger.

We are always looking for individuals or institutions whose values align with our own, and we welcome you to reach out to us should you be interested in supporting this project. 

Kathmandu Triennale would not be possible without the generosity of our many Sponsors, Partners, and Patrons, and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to work with an international list of supporters.

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