Hand-woven wool

Courtesy of the artist and  Sumeshwar Sharma

Zamthingla Ruivah created the Luingamla Kashan in memory of Ms. Luingamla of Ngainga village, who was shot dead while resisting rape by two ofcers of the Indian army on 24 January 1986. Using motifs from the weaving traditions of the Tangkhul, an Indigenous group in Manipur, Ruivah wove a kashan (a traditional garment) that pays tribute to Luingamla and the spirit of a community ravaged by state violence.

Nagaland has been under the Armed Forces Special Powers Act since 1958, when Naga separatist groups attempted to secede from India. Since then, Indian security personnel have used it to shield themselves from prosecution for crimes committed against civilians. Today, many members of the Tangkhul community wear the Luingamla Kashan as a symbol of solidarity

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