Paper posters

Courtesy of the artist

As a young Indigenous woman, Aqui Thami experiences harassment on a near daily basis, as is true for many of the women she knows. For this ongoing street art project, she pastes posters in vivid pink on city walls, marking the places where she or women she knows have experienced harassment. The posters bear the clear, uncomfortable testimony: 'A WOMAN WAS HARASSED HERE.' Tired of society's complicity and silence in burying these stories and shaming women when they speak up, Thami began this project to engage women in a conversation about harassment. By marking these spaces in bright pink, this work showcases the pervasiveness of harassment against women. Through these posters, Thami is attempting to address the collective female experience and break the culture of silence encompassing harassment, in addition to questioning norms that expect women to be “well behaved,” ignore their harassers, and walk away in order to retain respectability.


The artist’s participation is made possible with support from Prince Claus Fund and Mobile Library: Nepal, a collaboration between Asia Art Archive and Siddhartha Arts Foundation.

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