Oil on canvas

Courtesy of the artist and Nepal Art Council

Pramila Giri is one of the most in fuential artists of her generation in Nepal. She was trained in painting and sculpture in India and the United States and was foundational to the modernization of art education in Nepal. She is also known for her public sculptures displayed in numerous government institutions in Kathmandu.

Her itinerant life is captured in her works, which are inspired by a myriad of environments, including Kathmandu’s shrines, Tibet’s architectural forms, and the colours of the aurora borealis in Norway. Her art distils traditional motifs and images in order to abstract them and o fer a new refracted vocabulary. They often reference common aesthetic and philosophical patterns seen in Asian religions, such as the representation of Bhairav, a deity of ferce emanations in both Hindu and Buddhist Tantric practices. Giri emphasises that while she draws on vernacular sources, she simultaneously transcends them and o fers a contemporary vision of past ideals.

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