Woodcut print on Lokta paper, superimposed on Koko Mhendo (Oroxylum indicum)

Courtesy of the artist, Kumudini Gurung  Shrestha, and Prabal Gurung

For hundreds of years, the Tamang community has been fghting with the rulers and state authorities of Nepal against exploitation and oppression. In the history of Nepal’s political changes, many Tamangs, like Tularam Tamang (Golé Kaila), have sacrifced their lives. He joined the People's Liberation Army of the Nepali Congress and fought to end the Rana regime to establish democracy in the country. He was martyred in Biratnagar in 1950; democracy was introduced, but ironically he remained anonymous in the pages of history. Those martyred in Kathmandu received national recognition, while Tamang’s sacrifces and contributions to democracy were never properly acknowledged by the state.

This artwork is superimposed on the seeds of the Koko Mhendo, a sacred symbol and fower according to Tamang belief. Also known as “heart fower” in the Tamang language, it evokes themes of healing, spirituality, strength, resilience, and resistance.

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