Three-channel video, 18’

Courtesy of the artist, the European Roma Institute  for Arts and Culture, and the Administration of the National Cultural Fund (AFCN)

Mihaela Drăgan is a multidisciplinary artist with an education in theatre. In 2014, she founded the Giuvlipen Theatre Company, where she works as an actress and playwright together with other Roma actresses. “Giuvlipen” is a newly coined term for “feminism” in the Romani language.

In 2018, Drăgan was a resident artist in Hong Kong at Para Site, where she developed the concept of Roma Futurism, which lies at the intersection of Roma culture, technology, and witchcraft. The Future is a Safe Place Hidden in My Braids, her frst video, is a threechannel video installation (including Spell for Historical Trauma, The Anger that will Heal Me and The Witch’s Seed) that depicts the ideas and principles of Roma Futurism, inspired by the practice of the witch Mihaela Minca and her daughters, Casanndra, Ana, and Anda.

Drăgan is interested in conceiving a new ritualistic language that holds the power to heal and empower Roma communities. This is demonstrated in her use of the myths and old spells of Roma witches, which are then updated and merged with the poetry of modern antiracist discourse. Her new practice places the fgure of the TechnoWitch at the centre of the narrative—as the leader of a utopic future in which, at last, the historical cycle of oppression against the Roma reaches an apocalyptic end.

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