Siddhartha Art Gallery

Siddhartha Art Gallery was established in 1987 CE as one of the country’s main art spaces to exhibit and support Nepali and international contemporary artists of different generations. Kathmandu Triennale 2077 presents here a poem on resilience in the face of man-made catastrophes, on the back of nature’s cycles. It begins with the earthquake in 2015 and what it revealed about the uneven makings of Nepal's state and society. But it is also informed by the past several decades of political upheavals, the trauma and resistance awakened after repeated devastations. Contemporaneity then becomes a shared thread that binds our precarious exposure to such catastrophe. In our exhibition a new kinship of  lived experiences is stitched together, rooted in Nepal, while traversing different rivers and hills, from Vietnam to Haiti.


Below is the list of artists whose artworks were presented at Siddhartha Art Gallery.

Hitesh Vaidya | Kabi Raj Lama | Mireille Delismé | Thảo Nguyên Phan


View and download the PDF of the catalogue for Kathmandu Triennale 2077 exhibition here.
View the virtual exhibition for Kathmandu Triennale 2077 here.

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