Without a Map (pp. 54-55)
Hand-cut text collage on a reclaimed book page Courtesy of the artist

Courtesy of the artist


Youdhisthir Maharjan works with intentionally selected book pages to investigate and explore language through laborious and monotonous processes: cutting out individual letters, weaving strips of pages, or reassembling parts of selected alphabets. In efect, searching for novel possibilities of reading, writing, and interpreting. The found passages become his archeological sites to excavate textual artefacts, which are then migrated to a new terrain, without hierarchy and clarity, to charge them with a new identity, one that is independent of their preassigned meaning and predefned function. As he (un)reads, (un)writes, and (un)learns, a new lexicon is born that denies the comfort of familiarity and certainty, presenting an opportunity for introspection into uncharted territories that transcend language.

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