Study of history VI
Etching aquatint

Courtesy of the artists

Belonging to the Tamang community, Subas Tamang comes from a family of traditional stone carvers. He often incorporates carving, engraving, and diferent forms of printmaking in his art. This work is based on photographs taken by German photographer Volkmar Wentzel in 1949. The pictures capture the transport of a Mercedes on the backs of a group of men over a rocky trail from Bhimphedi to Kathmandu.

At the time, paved roads in Nepal only existed within the Kathmandu Valley and cars had to be carried into the city from the surrounding hills. These images have been reinterpreted to underscore the oppression of the Tamang people by Nepal’s ruling classes. Cars were imported for their lavish lifestyles, but little regard was given to the well-being of common Nepalis. Generations of Indigenous people paid the price for this opulence, the impacts of which are still felt to this day. This artwork is an attempt to understand, rediscover, and reinterpret Tamang history.

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