Lalta Prasad Chaudhary, Ram Charan Chaudhary, Hari Prasad Chaudhary, Burju Chaudhary, Dukhiram Chaudhary, Chhedu Chaudhary, Sonu Chaudhary, Ishowar Chaudhary, Man Bahadur Chaudhary, Ram Prasad Chaudhary

Dangaura Tharu culture is replete with seasonal dances and music that color the months in between Harya Gurai (August/September) and Durya Gurai (May/June). Festivals and celebrations primarily revolve around this calendar, thus making time for the intensive rice cultivation season. The jhumra falls under the category of nach nachwa, these dances and their corresponding music can be performed at any time of the year between August and June.

Dances like the jhumra and hurdungwa were primarily performed by men who dressed as women. Such dances were often presented during nautanki, a night of entertainment in villages or regional fairs, sometimes lasting for hours. For the past two decades women have also taken on the role of jhumra dancers. However, there has been a simultaneous decline in male dance troupes. Lalta Chaudhary and his troupe from Deukhar, Sanghari Sanskritik Pariwar, are one of the last remaining all-male performers. They have also been active in teaching and transferring dance skills to many women groups. Unfortunately, they have often faced discrimination and ridicule for preserving this aspect of Tharu culture.



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