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Mae Clark is a Navajo weaver, born to the Towering House People (her maternal clan) and the Chiricahua Apache People (her paternal clan). Weaving is believed to have been taught to the Navajo people by the deity Spider Woman. The Navajo began to weave with wool and cotton in the 17th century, a practice that was mostly undertaken by women in the community. Handwoven Navajo rugs and blankets are vibrant in colour and intricate in pattern and have formed a signifcant part of the Navajo economy over the past century. Clark learned to weave from her mother, among many other guiding fgures. To Clark, The Emergence – a highly dynamic and complex composition strikingly diferent from the more symmetric traditional Navajo rugs – represents her view on creation and the intimate connection between humans and nature.


The artist’s participation is made possible with support from the US Embassy in Nepal.

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