Charcoal, ink, and UV-print on plywood

Courtesy of the artist and Israel Vainboim

This selection of works explores the relationship between humans and landscape; humans, being part of the landscape, are also its creators and beholders. The concept of landscape is not singular either. It is natural and artifcial, existing in the memory of the past and growing in the planning of the future. Lam Tung Pang’s playful practice often combines traditional Chinese painting, often in a deconstructed form from ink to charcoal and from paper to wood and vernacular materials, found objects, and images. He was inspired to make these works by riding the Kowloon-Beijing high-speed rail, where he transversed a majority of Hong Kong’s territory in a dark tunnel. It is difcult not to read this work as a metaphor of Hong Kong – a perpetually invented landscape where giant overseers are designing every aspect of its contours and increasingly freezing its future.


The artist’s participation is made possible with support from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

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