Oil on canvas

Courtesy of the artist and Shashi Bikram Shah

Krishna Manandhar is known for his abstract paintings that draw inspiration from music and nature. After receiving his degree in art from the J.J. School of Art in Bombay, he returned to Nepal, landing odd jobs in government ofces. One particular project involved tracing aerial photographs of the Kathmandu Valley that were taken in the 1970s for urban planning purposes. The repeated process of tracing lines across felds, rivers, and settlements led Manandhar to distil such spaces into abstract geometric forms that overlap and intersect. He furthermore adds metaphysical interpretations of colours as elements that capture indescribable emotive experiences, in efect, abstracting both the bureaucratic process of demarcating urban landscapes and intangible human sensations. Manandhar’s works and involvement with the SKIB collective, have made him an instrumental fgure in promoting modernist visual language in Nepal, particularly abstract art.

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