Single-channel video 5’

 Courtesy of the artist and Esther Schipper, Berlin

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster’s cross-disciplinary practice encompasses flm, installation, video, and various forms of collaborative work. She has a strong interest in modernist architecture and has made many works about Brazil and the particular characteristics of tropical modernism. As part of this spatial interest, she has also turned her attention to gardens and landscape architecture. Gonzalez-Foerster uses the Praça Paris, a landscaped park built in Rio de Janeiro in 1926 by the French urbanist Alfred Agache, as her subject.

She examines the absurdity of the French landscape aesthetic, with its penchant for formality and symmetry. In Brazil’s tropical climate, where vegetation fourishes faster than in Europe, these aesthetic ambitions – which were often criticised in 17th century France for their 'tyranny over nature' – are quickly undermined by nature's unruliness.


The artist's participation is made possible with support from Alliance Française and Institute Français.

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