2009 Digital print on canvas
2009 Digital print on canvas Courtesy of the artist

Courtesy of the artist

The Conquered Enchantress is inspired by the story of Srinmo which has been passed down and retold by Tibetans through centuries: the physical land of Tibet is conceptualised as the body of a Srinmo, a ferocious ogress or demoness, lying supine on her back. It is solemnly said that this Srinmo fercely resisted the introduction of Buddhism in Tibet. It was therefore deemed necessary to erect Buddhist chapels and temples to pin down the Srinmo's wild and unruly spirit into submission. And thus began the dawn of Tibetan civilisation.

Dedron uses traditional Tibetan mural techniques in her works to visually conceptualise the geography of Lhasa and the transformation of its landscape that has taken place over the years due to globalisation and commercialization. She is a member artist of the China Minority Art Association and of the Gendün Chöphel Artists' Guild.

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